Pop! of Color

If you’re new here, hi, my name is Emily.

If you’re not new here, you may be scratching your head reading this title…. “I know her favorite color is black.”


Yes, it’s true, I love the color black. Ever since I was a kid, I remember visualizing the blackest Crayola Marker gliding across a paper, which sparked the start of my longest term relationship.

I was recently in the shop talking with a customer, and they asked, “Can you wear black to a wedding?”

I thought to myself I’m in trouble if the answer is no…

To my delight, the consensus with her shopping friends was a resounding, “yes!”


My secret to successful dressing is to have a few staple pieces in your closet that you feel confident and successful wearing, and then changing up my look with accessories. I generally love a pop of color  to liven up the look, and create variety.

I always love turquoise in the summer, but any color will do! In celebration of Pride month’s iconic rainbow colors, we’re highlighting pieces that POP! As always, we would love to help you find your new favorite accessory to add to your closet.

Peace, love & Sparkles ✨