Earrings through the Eras (Knock Knock’s Version)

The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be… Taylor!

You hear her music on the radio, and see her name in the headlines. Whether you sing along with her radio hits, or you know her entire library of work, she has revolutionized the music industry. As her tour resumes, we are celebrating her iconic moments with our rendition of:

Earrings through the Eras (Knock Knock’s Version)

Taylor Swift (2006)

Vibes: debut, country, youthful earnest

Themes: teen romance, small-town feels, growth

These earrings are ready for a new journey! Lightweight for bringing your traveling show on the road, sparkly to stun the crowds, and of course butterflies to signify the transformation from small-town life to big city dreams!


Fearless (2008/ Taylor’s Version 2021)

Vibe: Country-pop, fairy-tale romanticism

Themes: Young love, heartbreak, dreams, and aspirations, with a nostalgic and reclaimed feel

This was the first of the Taylor’s Versions, and holds a special place in the hearts of her fans. A little bow for her ingenuity, sprinkled in with some classic huggies, pearls and rhinestones for those in-between moments of adolescence and adulthood. Think getting dolled up for a school dance and hoping your crush will ask you to take the dance floor together.

Speak Now (2010/Taylor’s Version 2023)

Vibe: Country-pop, confessional, narrative

Themes: Personal stories, love, and regret, with a focus on reclaiming her narrative

Pearls always remind me of romance, and the pearlized flower earrings match the energy of her royal purple dress. For every day romance, I think a pearl brings sophistication, with a nod to traditionalism. Simply timeless.


Red (2012/Taylor’s Version 2021)

Vibe: Country-pop with rock and electronic elements, emotional

Themes: Love, heartbreak, the intensity of emotions, transition

Obviously, Red accessories had to be in play here. Taylor sings of her trademark red lipstick, standing in a party dress around the holidays. The starburst earrings remind me of fireworks - ones you may experience on New Years Eve, or with a new fling.


1989 (2014/Taylor’s Version 2023)

Vibe: Synth-pop, 80s-inspired, polished

Themes: Reinvention, love, independence

This album cover screams summer! Maybe living in or visiting a city that’s a short commute to the beach. Hoops are the quintessential summer earrings, and these easily go from day to night. This feels very much like taking on a new adventure, mixing old with new. I feel this way about costume jewelry… mix in a modest size cubic zirconia sterling stud, and let everyone think they’re your grandmother’s diamonds.


Reputation (2017)

Vibe: Dark pop, electro-pop, bold

Themes: Fame, media scrutiny, revenge, romantic turmoil, rebirth

We love a little rebellion… What I love about style is that YOU are in charge of your own look. It can constantly evolve. The outside world only sees what you present to them; be confident, and you can rock any look.


Lover (2019)

Vibe: Pop, romantic, colorful

Themes: Love, joy, self-acceptance, celebration of life

This whimsical cover reminds me of the ceiling of our flagship location! Next time you stop in, remember to look up! This album gives dreamy vibes, and the pastel colored, rhinestoned feathered earrings does that for me too! Even though this album is 5 years old, Cruel Summer is the song on the radio every time I turn on my car. Buckle up for a vibrant summer, and make sure your earrings match.


Folklore & Evermore (2020)

Vibe: Indie folk, introspective, atmospheric, reflective

Themes: Storytelling, introspection, nostalgia, folklore, escapism, relationships, introspection

These two feel very folky, earthy, minimal. Make a statement without the bling & fanfare.

Midnights (2022)

Vibe: Synth-pop, dreamy, reflective

Themes: Sleepless nights, self-reflection, love, introspection

I love the colors of this album! Cool hues, blues, lavenders, etc. If Lover had a fraternal twin, I think Midnights would be it. The earrings are fun & funky, but in jewel tones & cool colors. Did someone say, “Bejeweled?” These earrings will make the whole place *shimmer*

The Tortured Poets Department (2024)

Vibe: storytelling, diary entries

Themes: vulnerability, grief, heartbreak, betrayal, longing

For my earring inspiration, I looked to the title literally… When I think poets, I think beautiful notebooks or papers, a typewriter, etc.. These mostly reminded me of rolled or wrinkled papers, even tattered and worn, or a paper clip. Taylor sings through heartbreak, as poets do to ease the pain. These earrings exude sophistication; cocktail hour glam, trendy teardrops, etc.


Which era are you in? Which earrings do you love the most?