Lock In Your Look, With Locked By Knock Knock

We are excited to introduce permanent jewelry to the store! If you love to wear everyday staples or would love to wear matching jewelry with friends or your partner, we have the perfect option for you. 

Permanent jewelry is jewelry that is soldered together and can not be taken off. Hence the name ;). Permanent jewelry is high quality chains that you can make into a necklace, bracelet, or anklet by welding the chain together; you cannot remove without breaking the jump ring or chain. These pieces are very dainty, and you can add different layers for a stacked look. 

So, if you prefer dainty jewelry that you wear every day, consider getting a permanent piece! These are also very fun for friends or partners to get matching accessories - think upgraded friendship bracelets! All of our pieces are sterling silver or stainless steel, meaning they will not tarnish, discolor or irritate your skin. We also offer a variety of styles, textures in chains, and colors!

Permanently slay all day every day with Locked! Stay up to date on our social media and webpage for upcoming events featuring Locked, or schedule an appointment via email at knockknockboutique@gmail.com.