5 Jewelry Hacks that Will Make Your Life Easier

Ever get tired of your costume jewelry fading, breaking, tarnishing, tangling, or just diminishing quality? We are here to help! We aspire to provide unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to elevate your style! Without spending a fortune too! While we curate products of quality, costume jewelry is not often made to last. So, we’ve compiled a list of hacks to protect and preserve your favorite costume pieces!

Untangling knots with pins. I’m sure you have experienced one of your necklace chains getting all tangled up in an annoying knot so small that your fingers are unable to do anything about it. Here’s a tip that works; you will need two straight pins. Simply lay your necklace on a flat surface, and with one pin on each hand, just start poking and prodding the knot. This will loosen the knot and eventually, you will see the way to pull the knot out. Ta-da! Knot-no-more.

Clear polish to avoid tarnishing on costume jewelry. There’s nothing more annoying and embarrassing than having green stains on your skin from jewelry (rings especially!) The pH in our skin just simply doesn’t want us to look fabulous... This trick is an oldie but a goodie. Coat the inside of the ring in clear nail polish. Allow it to dry, and then you can wear it. This will create a barrier between the metal and your skin, therefore stopping that chemical reaction that makes your skin turn green. It will protect and preserve your jewelry, and your skin too!

Storage baggies. Here at Knock Knock Boutique, we LOVE storage baggies. Not everyone has a huge fancy jewelry storage/display space. Even if you do, keeping your pieces of jewelry in separate bags is so useful. It prevents tarnishing since it limits the amount of air and oxygen making contact with the metal. (Chemistry) It's also a great method for traveling with jewelry as it prevents tangling. Little ziplock baggies are essential for us, and they should be for you too. They are affordable and reusable!

Polishing cloths for sterling silver. After wearing your nice sterling pieces for a while, you may notice that they start to turn dark and dull. Invest in a polishing cloth (available on Amazon) and give your silver pieces a nice wipe every once in a while. DO NOT polish gold-plated pieces, as the cloth will rub off the gold. The cloth will also not work on non-sterling things.

And last, but not least, extenders! Have you ever gotten a bracelet that was too big on your wrist, but too small as an anklet? Sometimes it’s just as easy as removing some links off the chain, however, this is not always possible. An inexpensive method for repurposing would be adding an extender chain. All you do is, using pliers, connect a jump ring to the extender and the actual bracelet, connecting them and giving your bracelet another life! Extenders also work for necklaces, if it’s too short for your liking, just extend it! Tip: extending necklaces are great for layering.

There are so many ways you can preserve and protect your jewelry for optimal wear. Look fabulous without having to spend a fortune, and utilize our hacks to make your costume jewelry last. Subscribe to our newsletter to hear more from us!

Happy accessorizing!


-Knock Knock